Best Bass Strings

As you may already know, the definition of the ‘best’ strings is always subjective, and based on a number of factors including the genre of music you prefer to play, the tone you are looking for and the type of instrument you are playing. Here, we’re focusing on the best bass strings, having already covered acoustic strings and electric strings on the site. As a keen bassist myself, I have had the chance to try out a number of strings in my time and though I know the best is different for everybody, I have picked up some tips on finding the best strings in my time, which I will share here.

Why Are Bass Strings More Expensive?

It’s usually the first question people ask when they’re looking to buy a set of strings, and the easy answer is purely because of the materials used, of course it takes far more of a material to make a big, thick bass string than it does to make a normal guitar string, either electric or acoustic. Prepare to part with a little more cash when buying bass strings.

Factors to Consider

As with electric guitars, we are largely searching for versatility and reliability in the strings we use, though our bass won’t be processed as much as Electric guitar, with not as many effects, they’re still put through amps and the sound that the strings make won’t be ‘raw’ when it reaches our eardrum. Another key factor to consider is tone, when some of us will be looking for a low, subtle attack on our bass sound, some will be trying to make the bass guitar stand out in the mix with a higher, more vibrant tone. Genre and style play a big part and the main way to find out what works for you is to experiment.


The brands of bass guitar string I personally recommend are similar to those I recommend for electric guitar. For a good, solid tone and reliable string you need a manufacturer with years of experience delivering exactly that. Ernie Ball lead the market when it comes to guitar strings, and though some different brands come into play when it comes to bass strings, Ernie’s are up there with the best. They’re also pretty affordable as bass strings go, which is a plus point.

D’Addari0 strings are the only manufacturer I would happily have on all three of my guitars, electric, acoustic and bass. A versatile all rounder whose bass strings are up there with the best of them.

GHS Boomers are a little bit of a wildcard, not the biggest name when it comes to guitar strings but they are favored by many bassists around the world, with a sound that really does cut through the mix and help the bass stand out. GHS really specialize in bass, so it stands to reason that their strings would be among the best.

Best Bass Strings Conclusion

As I always say, experimentation is key to finding your sound, and bass is no different. The three brands above will give you a great starting point to find the sound you prefer, but only you can ever find what suits your sound best.